Rice body: Casey raises prices again and asks for an annual salary of 8.5 million after tax

Rice body: Casey raises prices again and asks for an annual salary of 8.5 million after tax

Casey once again raised the renewal salary requirement. They proposed a figure of 7 million basic annual salary + 1.5 million various bonuses. The total amount has reached 8.5 million euros after tax. At the same time, the interest of Premier League teams is increasing day by day. In addition to Tottenham, Liverpool are also paying attention.

This report comes from the famous journalists Carlo Laudisa and Marco Fallisi of Gazzetta dello Sport. The first paragraph of the article mentioned: Although Milan and Casey want to continue to cooperate, the threshold for renewal is dangerously rising, and reaching an agreement may be more than expected. It’s more difficult, and it takes more time.

In fact, the talks between Casey’s agent George Atangnana and Milan’s management in Bologna have not progressed. There is still a big gap in numbers between the two sides. Milan’s latest offer is 6 million basic annual salary + floating bonus, while Casey’s asking price But it increased to 8.5 million euros including bonuses. (7 million + 1.5 million)

The report mentioned that the reason Casey made such a request is because they have a clear understanding of his position in the Rossoneri. He hopes to get an annual salary that a leader player deserves, especially considering that Milan has provided Ibrahimovic and Donnarumma with similar annual salaries (although the latter did not accept it), while the club regards sustainable development as a financial basis and has made some choices in accordance with this principle (not renewing the contract) Erhanoglu), some of these decisions have also triggered extensive discussions among fans.

Considering that Milan does not want to repeat the mistakes of Donnarumma and Charhanoglu, the renewal deadlock with Casey may lead to more options. First of all, the interest of Liverpool and Tottenham is very worthy of attention, although The two teams have not taken any substantive moves (still watching the progress of the contract extension). The Milan headquarters was still confident in Casey’s contract extension until last month, but the player’s contract will get closer and closer as time goes by. The club’s initiative will become less and less.