Barium Hydroxide

Barium HydroxideBarium HydroxideBarium Hydroxide


Barium Hydroxide Chemical formulaBa(OH)2.H2O Appearance:White Crystals, Insoluble in cold water Typical AnalysisPurity 99% min BaCO3 0.8% max CL 0.03% max Fe2O30.003% max HCL insoluble matter0.03% max Packing:25/1000 kg plastic woven bag Uses: Manufacture of Barium Salts, Organic chemicals as Crude material of Barium base Lubricating Grease, Medicine, Plastic , Artificial Fiber, Glass and Ceramic Industry. Advantages锛?/tdWe are the largest manufacturer of barium salts. Service: Our team will ensure you prompt delivery. FAQ: How many production bases do you have? We have 4 production bases in China.Barium Hydroxide website: