Paris Saint-Germain 0 to 2 Rennes

Paris Saint-Germain 0 to 2 Rennes


Paris Saint-Germain failed again, this time against bottom-ranked Rennes. Messi refused to greet the home fans after the game, but returned to the dressing room with Messi's jersey in disappointment.Divise PSG Messi 30

The problems highlighted by Paris Saint-Germain's defensive end became more and more obvious, but coach Galti ignored them many times. No one will question the absolute core position of the MMN combination in the Paris Saint-Germain team, but the team relies too much on them, so the team's situation fluctuates from good to bad, and when they are not in good shape, they will lose the game.

In this game, Neymar is still absent, Messi is playing as an assistant, Mbappé is in poor form, Verratti has 1 wonderful pass + Messi has failed to score 2 wonderful passes, and missed many single-handed opportunities. But the defense at the back is weak, unable to defend the goal, and can only watch the opponent's football fall into the net.

After the game, Messi's face was full of disappointment, partly because of the result of the game, and a large part of the reason was that every time Messi got the ball, the fans present booed, as if they were dissatisfied that Messi hadn't made a continuation. Covenant decision. Obviously, Messi was affected and unhappy. This reminds people of Ronaldo's early exit at Manchester United and was booed and attacked by fans. Maglie PSG 2023

After this incident, there is a high probability that Messi does not want to continue to wear the Paris jersey. It can be seen that he is really disappointed. In fact, when a player gets older, his physical function will decline, and he cannot be required to burst into his youthful state, but fans seem to be unable to understand it, which is chilling.